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What is health?

True health is not merely the absence of dis-ease or of a physical ailment, but a state of vibrant wholeness or dynamic (functional) harmony that integrates and celebrates the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.  Our system’s “response-ability” to changes in our environment is mediated directly by the nervous system.  Thus, on a physiological level, it is the nervous system and beyond that the energetic system that orchestrate healing and homeostasis in the body.  Both have the ability to bring about health and wellness and an increased quality of life.    

There is a continuum of health and wellness (from disease and degeneration to optimal vitality) and a continual journey towards improvement and towards a greater sense of balance, ease and harmony.  Healing is a process and it requires time and energy.  Regular true “health”care (as opposed sickcare where the focus is the chasing of symptoms instead of addressing the root cause) moves us towards increased balance of the mind, body and spirit.  It gives us a sparkle in our eyes, an inner glow and a greater joy and sense of ease in our daily lives.  It moves us towards our maximum potential so that we can make a positive difference in our worlds.

What to expect from an acupuncture treatment at Healing Touch Chiropractic & Acupuncture?

Although everyone’s body and health presentation is unique, typically acupuncture is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  Often times, people will fall asleep during the treatment and even though they have slept for only a short time they will feel like they have slept for hours.  Patients often experience a significant shift in their pain or other complaints in one or sometimes several treatments.   Frequently people will have a greater sense of wellbeing and harmony on all levels as acupuncture treats the mind, body and spirit.

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What to expect from a chiropractic treatment at Healing Touch Chiropractic & Acupuncture?

At Healing Touch Chiropractic & Acupuncture, the typical adjustment includes not just a vertebral alignment, but also manipulation of other affected joints of the body as well as the muscles and connective tissue work.  Dr. Tatiana strongly believes that the proper functioning of bones and muscles works together hand in hand and therefore it’s important to address both of those areas during treatment.  The chiropractic care also inherently addresses proper nervous system functioning and through touch the energetic system as well.  Typically after treatment, patients feel like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders, they feel happier and have a greater overall sense of ease. 

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Patient Testimonials

Christie Hewes LaBelle

Dr. Tatiana and her work is amazing! I had never had acupuncture before. I had always just turned to chiropractic. I was desperate to get out of a very serious hand situation that left me in pain, scared, and unable to work. Dr Tatiana offered me a late evening appointment to squeeze me in. I was a little apprehensive at the start of the appointment but soon came to realize Dr Tatiana knew her stuff, was truly listening to my issues and concerns, and actually cared! (She also gave me a big hug when I desperately needed one). Her treatment was very specific to MY needs. My issue for treatment subsided greatly after the 1st appointment. I just completed my second treatment and on my way to being as good as new. I look forward to working more with Dr Tatiana to keep my hand issues at bay as well as other things I never realized could be treated without medication. Dr Tatiana truly has the healing touch and I am SO GRATEFUL to have found her!!

Donald C.

Tatiana is the most amazing, knowledgeable & caring person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I guarantee you will feel the same ... get in touch with her now!

Tom Steucek

I pulled an upper hamstring and my hip was also in a lot of pain. I could barely walk every morning. Although the pain dissipated after walking for 20 minutes pain came back every morning after waking up or after sitting. This lasted about 2 months before I went to Tatiana. In my very first session I felt my right glute relax and the pain went away as well. I'm 99% better after 3 sessions.

Katrina M

Dr Tatiana squeezed me in when I was having severe back pain. Not only did she make me feel welcome, she was very attentive to all of the issues I was having. I was skeptical that acupuncture would be able to help my pain, but not only did she alleviate my back pain, her treatment eased my anxiety and jaw tension! Highly recommend a trip to Dr T for any issues you may be having. She is kind, knowledgeable and patient.

Ronald Cohen

was visiting the area and just woke up with the sharpest pain in my shoulder blade to press it was shooting up and down after about a week I ended in Portsmouth had some time looked for acupuncturist found healing touch and made an appointment Did have to fill out a lot of info which Tatiana studied and asked half hour more guestions before the treatment. I'm not new to acupuncture 30yrs at least. Tatiana was great the sharp pain was gone that day so I booked an appointment in two days. at that appointment she did some laser and acupuncture. woke up next morning with almost no discomfort even with backpack on which was awesome.

Terry Stibbards

I've used several of the services offered here as we developed and adapted my post-stroke rehab strategy. From Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Low Temp Laser, Massage, to targeted nutrition supplements, this is genuinely a holistic healing center in the best definition. The results we experienced were immediate. Like as we "got up from the table the first time" immediate. I had improved arm movement and stability walking from the very first session. I walked out instead us using the wheelchair in which I arrived! I was particularly impressed with the time Dr. Tatiana I invested to understand my particular situation, and even did research before our first session so she could be better prepared to address my specific type of post-stroke rehab needs. Highly recommended.


I went in dealing with hip/pelvis issues and Dr. Tatiana took much more time then any other Dr. has given me to help diagnose what was going on. After my first visit I felt immediate relief both physically and mentally. I’m very thankful for the help she provided and look forward to working with her going forward.

Michael Murphy

Dr. T spoke to me and we went over every detail of my medical history and family background to make sure we covered all of the basis and properly planned a treatment program. I've been seeing her for about 2 months now and I feel stronger with less pain. I'm super impressed with her abilities and dedication to her profession. I'd recommend her to anyone that was interested!

Karen Wright

Dr. Iwaseczko is amazing! She started with a comprehensive review of my current physical condition, and truly worked to understand the issues I was experiencing. I had typical runner's pains - IT Band issues, Plantar Fascitis, and some other random complaints. After one treatment I was markedly better, and after three treatments my symptoms are more than 90% resolved! During my sessions she uncovered many other areas where I was tight or sore, and alleviated stiffness I wasn't even aware of! I feel so much better after each session that I have made a routine visit to Dr. Iwaseczko a part of my overall wellness program. I would highly recommend anyone schedule a visit with Dr. Iwaseczko - for overall better health and for assistance with a chronic or acute issue.

James Grew

DOCTOR TATIANA IWASECZKO PROVIDES THE BEST ONGOING CHIROPRACTIC CARE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED…….. By the time we are in our fifties and in good health we feel life’s wear and tear on our bodies and we want to get to our eighties. I have always benefited from acute and regular chiropractic care to keep me moving and as painless as possible. However, Doctor Iwaseczko provides another level to chiropractic care and preventive medicine. In fact, I struggle to understand why our current medical system is not modeled around this type of practice. You can expect that Doctor Iwaseczko will listen carefully to your concerns and respond to the acute while, at the same time, working to restore a better balance to your entire body through the merging forms of medicine she practices. I am a reluctant witness in that I look for evidence and result-based improvements. Am I walking better? Is my balance better? Do all the muscles in my back feel relaxed and neutral? I seldom offer medical recommendations to others, but this is worth your time to visit her.

Cynthia Acorace

I was referred to Dr. Tatiana when I pulled my rib out in the process of moving. I received excellent care, not only with Chiropractic Care but also the proper supplements that help me heal from the inside out. Thank You for all your Love and Support in my healing process. I took Asea and few other supplements and within a few weeks I was able to go backpacking with very little pain in my rib... what a miracle.

Rick Carlan

I've been going to Dr. Tatiana for many years and for different reasons. No matter what it is that ails me at the time, Tatiana takes her time to narrow down what it is and then applies the necessary treatment. From physical pain to needing emotional or spiritual lift, I always feel better, lighter and feeling weller. Love her

Roberta Collins

Dr. T is amazing! I could barely walk from excruciating back pain when I first went to Healing Touch and thanks to Dr. T, I was able to return to an active lifestyle. Her expertise, professionalism, and patience during treatment were top-notch. I had been treated by several chiropractors before who seemed more concerned with treating as many patients as they could in a 15 minute time slot, but Dr. T was always very thorough during my visits, treating the entire body and spirit with each visit.

Barbara Briggs

I have been with Dr. Tatiana for many years . Having pain from lifting ,she has always met my needs of treatments and reducing my pain to very little to none at all.Her knowledge of chiropractic is amazing and her personality is wonderful, and never have I ever felt that I could not ask a question. I as a nurse highly recommend Dr Tatiana,,,she really know her field of chiropractic!! Thank you Dr T for keeping me out of pain!!!!

Donna Mitchell

I have been living with back pain for almost 30 years and have high anxiety. A friend told me about Dr T and how much acupuncture helped her so I figured I would give it a try. I was a bit skeptical but after only 4 visits I can already feel the difference mentally and physically. She is extremely thorough and really takes the time to understand your issues. I highly recommend Dr T!

Ina Castagna

It is my pleasure to write a review for Dr. Tatiana of Healing Touch Chiropractic of North Hampton, NH. Whether it is an emergency back problem or a weekly treatment plan or a monthly wellness check, Dr. Tatiana has always been most accommodating to facilitate a needed timely appointment. Her credentials and her experience are impeccable. I have known Dr. Tatiana since the early 2000's and she has always been known to be well respected. Her office is peaceful and comfortable. Dr. Tatiana is calming and takes her time in the healing treatment process. She is always keeping up with new research and studies in order to offer her patients the latest in needed wellness programs. Dr. Tatiana definitely has "The Healing Touch".

John Civali

"Dr. Tatiana has provided me with wellness care for roughly the past 15 years. Initially, she provided me and my family with chiropractic care on a regular basis. In more recent years that was augmented with acupuncture. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I had dealt with reflux and other digestive issues for much of my life, and felt that it was worth having Dr. Tatiana do some acupuncture to me. I was prescribed a couple of medications by the medical field, and had been on them for years, but after a relatively short period of time doing acupuncture, I was able to wean myself off of much of the medication. I continued with a regular regime of acupuncture for maintenance sake, and frankly it was one of the best things that I've done for my health. My digestion continues to be dramatically improved, and i swear by the treatments. Dr. Tatiana has also treated me successfully with acupuncture for some leg pain. All in all, she is a wonderful person and caring person, and has made a significant difference in how I feel physically and as a result emotionally."

Tony Woody

I served for 22 years in the US Navy and sustained numerous injuries to the degree that I am now totally and permanently disabled due to chronic pain from my service related jobs such as riding in a large centrifuge experiencing over 9Gs and crazy stuff like that. When I first went to Dr. Iwaseczko's back in 2011 I was literally dying from mixed drug toxicity due to all the drugs the VA had me on, including large doses of narcotics which I took for almost 9 years. I had also been getting chiropractic and acupuncture care on top of that but after finding Dr. Iwasezcko, who by the way is both a qualified chiropractor and acupuncturist, within less than 9 months I was off all medications. And not only that I was able to go play golf for the first time with my son which was one fo the best days of my life. I believe Dr. Iwasezcko not only dramatically improved my life with her amazing knowledge, skills and astonishing array of techniques, I literally believe she saved my life by giving me the ability to ween off all those medications. The two years before I met her I had been on 42 different medications and I was only getting weaker and sicker. Now I live a much better quality of life all because of her. I had tried dozens and dozens of chiropractors and acupuncturists over the past 35 years and Dr. Iwaseczko is unequivocally the best in the business. If you go to anyone else you are throwing your money down the drain and not getting anywhere near the quality care Dr. Tatiana Iwaseczko can give you. Don't be a fool by going anywhere else because where ever that may be they will never be as good as Healing Touch Chiropractic in North Hampton, NH.

Jen MacPherson

I have been going to see Tatiana since March of 2017. A client of mine suggested I maybe check out Acupuncture for all the things going on with me at the time. Honestly, I went home and googled Acupuncture in North Hampton, NH and I came across a bunch of businesses, but I found Dr. Tatiana Iwaseczko and read her credentials and she seemed like a great fit for me. I called her and set up an appointment for the next week. I had no expectations going into this, I just knew that I wanted to feel better. I am treated for depression and anxiety and have been seeing Tatiana for lots of other health reasons, too: a ton of female stuff/hormones/perimenopause, and all the miserable symptoms that go with it, constant neck, shoulder pain and tendinitis and other stuff that comes up here and there. At first I saw her once a week for a month and honestly, after the first visit, I went home and my husband told me I was different. My kids told me I was nicer 🙂 All of my perimenopause symptoms WENT AWAY. My neck pain was gone and I was so calm. I felt different, too. I took a month off after 4 weeks of going to see Tatiana, due to vacation breaks and kid things, and to see how I would feel. I slowly started to feel crappy again and everything came back! My boys told me to get back to Acupuncture! I felt like I knew I had to get back in and see Tatiana for Acupuncture! I try and see Tatiana once a week. She has so much knowledge about the human body and Chinese/Japanese medicine. She is super smart and very thorough with what she does. She has a spiritual craft about her and she pays attention to you and what you are going through. I can't say enough good things about Dr.Tatiana Iwaseczko. She has helped me feel better in a complete physical, emotional and spiritual way. She is great at what she does and I highly suggest going to see her so you can feel better too! 🙂

Laura Bowerman

Dr. T got me moving again when I threw my back out.

Laura McPhail

Great Acupuncturist

Lynn Gray

I have known Tatiana for over a decade and she has helped me tremendously over the years. She is one of the most knowledgeable Doctors, very caring and kind.

Mark Tucker

I can say that Tatiana has an innate sense of how to heal people. She has a real understanding of what steps are required in order to begin the healing process. She is dedicated to her profession. A real pleasure to be around.


When I made my first appointment with Dr. Tatiana I had suffered for 10 years with the constant congestion and post nasal drip associated with chronic rhinitis. I had also been living with an almost constant headache over that time period. Only in my wildest dreams did I actually expect chiropractic care to solve these problems, but I had tried everything else recommended to me. Within two visits, using a combination of spinal and neck adjustment, massage techniques, energy work and diet recommendations, Dr. Tatiana cleared the congestion almost completely and made the headache go away. Several more visits later, the congestion has remained at a barely noticeable level and I notice that the headaches only return when I consume too much sugar or allow myself to carry too much tension in the neck and shoulders. She has a very holistic approach to healing and her foremost concern seems to be making her patients aware of changes to diet and lifestyle that will help them maintain lifelong health once they are out of her care. She stands out in my experience as a rare doctor who really truly cares personally for the well-being of each of her patients.

Gregory Tremo

Dr Tatiana Iwaseczko has been able make me free from smoking cigarettes for good.
Working as a retail pharmacist and being a smoker was always frowned upon. Not only because it is detrimental to my body, but because I know what the actual damage it does on the human body. After realizing that the addiction was difficult to break away from, I have searched many ways to quit smoking from many medical references. One of my number one desires to quit was because I see some of my customers using many medications to relieve the after effects of smoking from many years of tobacco use.
In addition, smoking always made me irritable and I had always a lack of energy at work and at home. I have tried using nicotine patches, nicotine gums, “cold turkey” and hypnosis at least twice each year, but i was only successful in quitting for 3 months before i returned to smoking. Dr. Iwaseczko’s method of therapy was one that I have never tried, but it was next on my list to quit smoking. If I had done this therapy first, it would have saved me a great deal of money. The benefits that I felt were: No withdrawal effects, a better well being, and support that keeps me from continuously needing or thinking of cigarettes.
Dr. Iwaseczko also added a simple amino acid/vitamins program that helped a great deal thru the quitting process. I was able to find these at local stores, thus not needing expensive mail order pills as I have seen on the Internet.
I repeated my visits because I knew that continuous support through withdrawal has been documented to improve the success rate of quitting by 40%. I have now joined gym and workout on a regular basic. My wife and daughter are also proud of me for succeeding in obtaining my goal that I thought was a never-ending battle for the last eight years.
It has been 5 months since I quit, and I don’t see my self going back to a bad habit that controlled my life.
Thank you Dr. Iwaseczko again.

Greg Tremo

I am a pharmacist in a retail drug store chain and the work strain was effecting me in many ways. Working during the day was getting more difficult to cope with simple task. I chose Dr. Iwaseczko’s office since I was not satisfied with the last chiropractor and decided to change to another office.
After seeing Dr. Iwaseczko I was able to: solve my back pain problem, stop headaches, and improve hearing, life style and well-being. I found the visits may include many traditional and non-traditional methods, each pain I had was dealt with an adjustment in ways that no other chiropractor used on me before. The adjustments methods she chose was the most suited for the type of my body complaint and very effective. She can feel where the pain with out asking me just with her finger and she works on each bone independently. Treatment methods used are softer adjustments, which seem to keep my back pain relieved longer. I would highly recommend her as she has made my daily life easier.

Noelle N.

Dr. Iwaseczko is amazing!!! She takes the time to find out every way that she can make each session benefit you to the absolute best of her ability. She is so caring and knowledgable about her treatments. I noticed immediately relief of my migraines from the very first session. I have not ever felt so cared about in a Dr. appt. as I did during this session. I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.

Victoria Ripley

Dr. Tatiana is great! I’m not a huge fan of needles but she has made this a comfortable experience and truly listened to the details of what was bothering me. I originally came in for some neck and shoulder issues but after a thorough introductory appointment, I was introduced into so much more that acupuncture could do for me. I suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma and since we started working those points on my body I have noticed a big difference in my immune system feeling stronger, no longer feeling the allergies hit when I wake up in the morning and just an overall ability to breathe better.

Matt Earl

Dr. Tatiana Iwaseczko did a fantastic job. After being referred from a local Veteran who returned home with nerve damage, claiming acupuncture was magic. I was also experiencing nerve pain in my arm. As a first-timer, I was pleasantly shocked at how I felt leaving the office. I've never felt a whole body calm like this before, and the Arm pain was noticeably improved. Thanks, Dr. Tatiana!!!

Jennifer Hendrix

Dr. Tatiana really took the time to listen and ask thorough questions about my health history and concerns. She really tailored her approach to what I needed and I felt so much better after just the first session. Looking forward to going back!

Paula C.

I saw Dr. T today for the first time. I have been in major pain for no apparent reason. I haven't served in the military or played in the NFL but I'm more beat up than my Dad's WW II friends. After one treatment, I can now lift myself up without an electric shock of pain running up my spine. I would very strongly recommend her practice if you want to live pain free.

Emily B.

Shockingly effective! My asthma, allergies, heart rate, and general disposition have improved in just three sessions! I feel like I have energy, but am more relaxed. My happiness has come back. I am truly impressed.

Adeline G.

Found much relief at Dr Tatiana's health center. Heal pain was gone after one treatment. She's knowledgeable, thorough and schedule accommodating.

Lauren Geoffrion

I visited Dr Iwaseczco during a very desperate time. In addition to suffering from a migraine, I was feeling overly emotional, fatigued and morose. Dr Iwaseczko took a detailed personal history and history of present symptoms. I started feeling better just from speaking with her. She is caring and patient. After my first acupuncture treatment my migraine had resolved but I was still feeling a bit uneasy. After my second treatment I felt a weight had been lifted. I am in a better mental space and I am happy to report my mood has greatly improved. I look forward to seeing Dr Iwaseczko again to maintain balance and harmony within. As a busy working mother, time on her table is precious.

Edward Harris

By far the best chiropractic treatment I've ever received, I've been to many chiropractors from AZ > OK and Dr. Tatiana is truly a master at her craft. I went in Friday on a short notice with excruciating pain in my lower back while barely able to walk or drive myself there. She took me in and started acupuncture which I was nervous at first but Dr. T is very knowledgeable and let me feel at ease with multiple visits within a short period I was back on my feet and back to work. Thank you Dr. Tatiana

Cassie McCoy

Wonderful experience! Very comprehensive approach that address all aspects of the body. Dr. Iwaseczko was able to work out issues within my body I didn’t even know where there. I certainly left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Highly recommended to anyone!

Diane L

Dear Dr. Tatiana. Thank you for being such a wonderful practitioner. I am so glad to have found you! With your expert technique of acupuncture and chiropractic, I feel better than I have in over 5 years. I am standing upright and feel light, I feel decompressed and more relaxed, I can manage work-related stress 100 percent better, and I feel better after your treatments than after a massage! Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Sean Rooney

Having never had any acupuncture treatments before I have been very pleased with my experience at Healing Touch. Dr. T spends much time understanding your pains and what you want to focus on treating. It has been an pleasure working with her as well as feeling much relief and a better sense of well being.

Bob K.

What an amazing experience with equally amazing results. My initial goal was to get help for sleep issues, but after a very thorough interview process, I realized there was so much more she could help me with. After one session, I went from getting 4 hours of sleep to 8 hours a night. My stress and anxiety has been greatly reduced. She addressed knee pain and my knees feel great again. The sessions are extremely relaxing and the care given is gentle and from the heart.

Mike Wallace

Extremely knowledgeable, polite, effervescent and great prices. I will be back for adjustments. Win Win!

Ricky Hamlett

Dr Tatiana is very knowledgeable in her field and provides a safe, comfortable, and healthy spiritual setting for her patients.

John McKinnon

Healing Touch gets my highest recommendation for Dr. Iwaseczko's holistic treatment approach. Return to your natural physical self with her thoughtful and effective chiropractic care.

Mike Neilio

Dr. Tatiana is kind, patient, and careful to understand. Time was spent getting to know my experience, woes, goals and within a couple of visits we made terrific progress. It's not typical I take the advice of supplements and I have found it to be really helpful lately to commit to the regime suggested. I'll look forward to going back for a visit again as a part of my self care maintenance program.

Khara Barnette

It's a rare find to go to a provider and actually feel heard and genuinely cared for. Dr Tatiana has been treating my chronic TMJ (2 years and running) and after just one treatment I noticed a shift. I've been seeing her weekly now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with my pain and intense discomfort lessening with each visit. She's brilliant, kind and so so caring.

Erlinde Beliveau

Dr. Tatiana is very thorough in gaining an understanding of my medical concerns. In receiving her chiropractic treatment, she has helped my neck and upper back discomfort/pain. Her adjustments create a sense of muscle balance and relaxation within my body to promote healing. Her adjustments are gentle. I have also started low level laser therapy to treat my knee pain due to some osteoarthritis and post meniscal injuries. I have derived beneficial effects from this as well. The sensation for me is one of cool air above my skin as well as some coolness within. I highly recommend both approaches to achieving better health and well being. Erlinde Beliveau

Ina Castagna

It is my pleasure to write a review for Dr. Tatiana of Healing Touch Chiropractic of North Hampton, NH. Whether it is an emergency back problem or a weekly treatment plan or a monthly wellness check, Dr. Tatiana has always been most accommodating to facilitate a needed timely appointment. Her credentials and her experience are impeccable. I have known Dr. Tatiana since the early 2000's and she has always been known to be well respected. Her office is peaceful and comfortable. Dr. Tatiana is calming and takes her time in the healing treatment process. She is always keeping up with new research and studies in order to offer her patients the latest in needed wellness programs. Dr. Tatiana definitely has "The Healing Touch". Respectfully, Ina